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Current IT Jobs

.NET Development Team Lead

Tuesday March 25th 2014

This Company is a Leading Supplier of Software for Governance, Risk and Compliance. Company growing in excess of 35% per annum, operates in Agile Application Framework and is also a Qlikview partner. Company has been recognized as one of the nominees
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Android Mobile Developer

Thursday July 17th 2014

A well established Mobile Business Services company based in North Riding JHB, South Africa is currently looking for a Native Android Mobile Developer with refined raw talented, creative imagination and a true passion for the art of design and technology to
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Senior .NET Developer

Thursday May 15th 2014

Cape Town based company assists its client base in the cutting edge digital media and the versatility to scale of solutions from small social media campaigns to large internet portals as well as line if business applications. 10 years industry experience
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Microsoft Office VBA Macro Developer (Permanent)

Wednesday June 18th 2014

Large, stable and established company based in Pretoria, currently seek a Microsoft Office VBA Macro Developer. For this position the candidate should have development experience specifically in Microsoft Office customizations using Macros and Office Add-in. The VBA Developer will need a
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Sales Manager (Senior)

Friday June 13th 2014

A JSE listed Company also a Leading Group of ICT Companies which operates predominantly in SA but with operations in several other African countries and the UK. Sustainable and constant growth through strategic acquisitions has enabled them to provide unlimited solutions
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Latest Candidates

Senior Delphi Developer

Friday April 4th 2014

Candidate completed his National Diploma Information Technology. He has 10 years Delphi experience, including 5+ years with Delphi 7. He has 8 years MySQL experience and 3 years MS SQL experience. Key Skills: Delphi MySQL SQL He is available immediately.

BI Specialist

Friday April 4th 2014

Candidate completed his Matric in 1991. He went to the South African Air Force for two years and completed his basic military training. He then started a career within banking. In 2007 he secured a position as an MIS Analyst. Key
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SQL Developer

Thursday May 29th 2014

Candidate is EE and is an experienced IT professional. She has the ability to take the technical lead in projects and support technical implementation whilst working on multiple products. Her Key Skills Include: MS SQL SSRS SSIS Crystal Reports Qlikview Cognos
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Web Developer

Tuesday March 25th 2014

This candidate has about 8 years Development experience, predominantly doing PHP Development. He has also started doing C#.NET Web Development for the past year. He has done both Back-end and Front-end Development. He has worked on SQL, MySQL and PostGres. He
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Network Administrator

Tuesday April 29th 2014

Candidate obtained his BSc Information Technology in 2007.  He has 5 years Infrastructure support experience and 3 years networking experience. He has 1 year 9 months experience as an IT Administrator running the entire IT Infrastructure for Digiata JHB. Candidate is
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6 reasons to avoid the poisoned apple. Thinking about using a potential employer’s job offer to get your current company to counter and pay you more money? Stop right there. Using another job offer as a bargaining chip may be tempting,
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General Headlines

7 Reasons Rejection Actually Rules!

Wednesday October 22nd 2014

“A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.” — Bo Bennett

Oh, rejection. The word alone stings. There is perhaps no greater human fear than being refused, denied and dismissed — especially when we really care about what have put “out there” – our hearts, our work, our ideas. As a writer, a sales person and well, a human being, I have been rejected on many levels and under many circumstances. It never rules. Well, not at the time anyway.

What we often do not understand about rejection is that it is often simply temporary; sooner or later somehow helpful; or a simple course-correct. The problem with rejection is not the rejection itself, just the fact we cannot understand the greater plan behind it in that moment. Nor do we want to as we are too busy licking our wounds and cursing the world. Rejection only makes sense with hindsight.

Here are seven reasons that rejection (eventually) rules:

1. There is something better waiting for you.

How many times in life have you looked back and realized the job, the love interest, the apartment were not meant to be yours as something much better arrived afterwards? I can say “check!” to hundreds of these experiences. It makes me laugh (often with relief) now.

2. Perhaps you were thinking too small.

When I moved to New York I was interviewing everywhere and anywhere. I reached out to a lot people to have coffee, share information, network. At the time (funnily enough) it was the most senior people who made time for me. And I spent my time foolishly being upset about the others who didn’t! In the end I got the perfect job and stepping stone into the market. Those who rejected me made room for the right people who in the end hired me.

3. It’s rarely personal (most rejection is not even real).

The truth is, when we are blown off, the vast majority of the time it is not even about us. The person who rejects us is simply focused on other things. What we perceive to be rejection is often not even actual rejection at all — just not the right timing.

4. You learn a lesson and re-evaluate.

Sometimes rejection helps us evaluate. I was fired from my first job as an administrator. I was lousy in a number crunching, detail-oriented support role. The rejection made me realize what I am not suited to and made me assess what I am good at. My subsequent careers (sales director, writer, life coach) have been rewarding, fulfilling and awesome. I needed the wakeup call to get out of a completely unfitting job.

5. It makes you empathetic to others.

Experiencing suffering makes us kinder to others. Next time we need to let someone down, having experienced being let down ourselves, we are much more likely to be gentle. For this reason, as Oprah says, “No experience is wasted.”

6. So what? You are still alive.

The old saying that what does not kill us makes us stronger can be true particularly when pertaining to rejection. When I look back at the “nos,” the lack of responses and the disappointments I have had in my life, I appreciate how much I have overcome. It makes me feel strong and more resilient in the face of more rejection (and in life, more rejection is always guaranteed). “So what?” is one of my favorite questions I ask myself for perspective.

If J.K. Rowling was rejected by a plethora of publishing houses, Anna Wintour was fired by Harpers Bazaar, Michael Jordan was cut from his high school’s varsity basketball team and Walt Disney was told he had no creative ideas, we can suffer a little rejection, too. Often, it means nothing at all — especially when we trust there is a greater meaning behind it which in time will be revealed to us.

What has rejection taught you?

By Susie Moore (taken from LinkedIn)